About Me

I am an undergraduate student at Delhi Technological University (and your friendly neighbourhood hack). I like to read, write, spend more hours than sustainable writing code and watch reruns of Bojack Horseman.

My research area is natural language processing, which I hope to explore further in grad school. I have been a part of various projects and even managed to publish some (hopefully) meaningful work in the same. It is a dream and privilege to be able to play with texts in all kinds of languages using code.

Apart from this I like to dabble with development and small-scale projects like bots and apps; I continue to hone my abilities further (at least where UI is concerned!) and delve into more interesting work. Small steps every day!

A brief description about myself cannot come to a close without talk about my writing. I am pursuing an equally-important, parallel career in literature; I have been published in several places, and continue to contribute and submit to many others. I also sincerely believe that one must not have to choose between the things they love; I have resolutely refused to choose between computer science academia and literature, and so far have been able to keep the two harmoniously separate. I hope to continue doing so in the future.

I am highly fond of literature, art, history, culture, philosophy and poetry, and maintain a fairly massive collection of content gathered over the past several years (I am currently building it as a Github repository). Contact me if you’d like to discuss anything regarding these (and anything else in general as well - which includes Bojack Horseman)!